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Why Study In Canada?

  1. Canada is at the forefront of the world’s science, technology and education standards. Canada is one of the world’s seven largest industrial countries with the highest proportion of investment in education.

  2. The cost of tuition and living expenses in Canada is about one-third lower than it is in the United States or Great Britain.

  3. Lenient language requirements to enter internationally acclaimed institutions.

  4. Bilingual environment: Canada recognizes both English and French as its official languages. Students can choose programs in either or both languages.

  5. Graduates will receive three-year work permits with more employment options and higher start salaries.

  6. Fast immigration options for graduates, easy integration into Canada’s diverse society.

  7. With its well-developed education system, comprehensive social security and beautiful natural scenery, Canada has been voted as the “Best Place to Live” more than seven times.